Informational websites

WHO: Global health and ageing

WHO: Ageing and Life Course

Canada: Healthy Aging

Statistics Canada: A Portrait of Seniors in Canada

Canada’s Aging Population: Seizing the Opportunity


Hon. David Kilgour’s speech at Congress 2015, Ottawa University, Ontario Canada.

Dr. Maria Cheung’s speech at Congress 2015, Ottawa University, Ontario Canada.


Report on the Social Isolation of Seniors by National Senior Council, 2014

Ontario Senior Guide, Simplified Chinese Version, Updated as of January, 2013

Ontario Senior Guide, English Version, updated as of October, 2014

Senior Services in the Community

211 Ontario: Information and referral helpline to community, social, government and health services.

Yee Hong – A caring community for the seniors in the Greater Toronto Area

Carefirst Senior Community Association- The spectrum of services has grown from the delivery of Chinese meals-on-wheels service to a full range of community support services, covering the whole Greater Toronto Area, and the York Region.

Human Right in Ontario

Ontario Human Rights Commission – Established in the Canadian province of Ontario on March 29, 1961 to administer the Ontario Human Rights Code. The OHRC is an arm's length agency of government accountable to the legislature through the Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario